• Create “people,” discover how wonderfully complex God made them, and leave unique 


Example:  Fingerprint people

and more: pinterest drawings of fingerprint people

  • Silhouette drawing of your body with chalk on cement or paper.

  • Imagination Station

Gather your stuffed animals and reflect on all of the wonderful ways God made 

them inside and out!

  • Wonderfully Complex Lungs

Let’s explore a little more about how God made you.    (Wow, God!)

Look around your house to see if you have any balloons that could be blown up. 

Kids will blow as much air as they can into the balloon with just one breath, then

 they’ll pinch the balloon closed.When everyone understands, say: Ready! Set! Go!   Have kids each blow into the balloons and pinch them closed. How much air did you blow into your balloon?   Listen to this! In an average day, your lungs move enough air to blow up more than 1,000 balloons! The Lungs God made for you are awesome!

  • Count how many times your heart beats in 1 minute. Ask someone in your house how to do that if you don’t know how.   Is that the same or different than others in your family?  God is so awesome!


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